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Shootmania: Combo15 Mar, 2014
  basbaas (3 comments, 2353 views)
ShootMania: Combo

I'm writing this to inform every about a Shootmania gamemode I love, Combo. This gamemode was released by Nadeo somewhere last year along with the new blocks. It contained something very awesome, and in my eyes very revolutionary new aspects for Shootmania in general. Unfortunually even up to this date quite a lot of people don't even know about it.. This could have happened due to it being a standalone titlepack, which wasn't installed by defau...

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SM Quick Referance Starters Guide02 Nov, 2013
  kadaz (0 comments, 3679 views)
Shootmania Starter's Guide:

Here is a small tutorial to help those needing a little extra help in knowing
where to go to find things quickly so the experience can be more enjoyable.

Shootmania Player Login Page:
Shootmania Player Movement Keys:
- Press Left Mouse Button to shoot,
- Press WASD keyboard keys to move, or customize later...

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The awesomeness of brown blocks17 Apr, 2013
  BLiNNeMaNS (8 comments, 2503 views)
Brown blocks ftw!

The new brown blocks have everything you need to add that extra oomph to your maps.

Stamina jump
On a full stamina bar, the top surface is useful as it allows you to reach slightly further with your jumps.
This is useful to make those special sniper platforms hard, but not impossible, to reach
(and they won't launch the player way to hig...

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TM Interview Project in tm.MX14 Oct, 2012
  wormi (1 comments, 2184 views)
Hey Shootmania Players and old Trackmania mates!

I advert a bit my interview project that I have published in's blogs section. The project is about interviewing very different kind of players of Trackmania series: some ofthem are pro league starts, some play with the mediatracker, some build maps and some just play for fun. So far I have made ten interviews.

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1000 Maps09 Aug, 2012
  MX Moderators (10 comments, 2888 views)
Shoot Mania Exchange is now hosting 1000 maps, so we thought maybe now is a good moment to take a look at what has been uploaded.

Below is a list of how many maps there are for each game mode...

    MapType HowMany
    RoyalArena 311
    BattleArena 218
    MeleeArena 169
    EliteArena 75
    JoustArena 46
    JailbreakArena 45
    SiegeArena 41
    TimeAttackArena 37

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Missing good ol' awards?01 Aug, 2012
  marti488 (6 comments, 1016 views)
.. because I am

issue 1:
The new system could work great on paper, if it was given that many people would take the time to rate maps they played. Which is not what's happening right now. If people see a map on a server, there is absolutely no guarantee they rate it on sm-mx... This problem would probably also occur with the old awards system: people just don't play the maps offline, a...

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Map Design Advice - Lighting27 Jul, 2012
  Lexino (2 comments, 1327 views)

This is about visibility and communication by using lights.

As you know, there are 4 moods, Sunrise, Day, Sunset and Night, they all have different levels of lighting. Day is the brightest, and light comes from above, so not much shadows. Sunrise and Sunrise are less brighter, and light comes from either west or east, so big casting shadows. Night is dark, and is lighted up by the moon.

So bear in mind when you choose a mood...

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Map Design Advice - Height24 Jul, 2012
  Lexino (5 comments, 1139 views)
also known as Z-Axis (actually Y-Axis in the SM (and TM1/2) editor, don't ask me why its Y instead of Z)

Making a map with lots of height variations would be much more fun for the player than a flat map. There are more distance that the player can go than he could on a flat map. For example I make a flat map, a 10x10 map, that's 100 blocks of distance you can travel, but if you use height, you are making a map thats more than 100 blocks of distance in a map ...

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Map Design Advice - Architecture & Design24 Jul, 2012
  dreadofmondays (2 comments, 965 views)
This post is inspired by Lexino's excellent posts on this subject (which you can read here). However, it is about something that he has yet to touch on - the role of architecture and traditional design in mapping. 50% of the work mapping is done in design, and there are important things to keep in mind, because a badly designed map can be very confusing or disorienting for players, and they can become very...

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Map Design Advice - Risk vs Reward23 Jul, 2012
  Lexino (1 comments, 1008 views)
Risk vs Reward

CliffyB (Epic Games game designer) famously said "Put desirable things in a dangerous or exposed spot"

I am going to use my melee map Agamemnon as an example. In that map I placed 4 railgun platforms in hard to reach spots, and they're quite exposed. So a player would risk to get to those platforms and also risk himself from incoming rockets. Thats risk vs reward, you would risk yourself to get a lot of kills from railgun, the reward from...

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