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1000 Maps09 Aug, 2012
  MX Moderators (10 comments, 3785 views) 
Shoot Mania Exchange is now hosting 1000 maps, so we thought maybe now is a good moment to take a look at what has been uploaded.

Below is a list of how many maps there are for each game mode...

    MapType HowMany
    RoyalArena 311
    BattleArena 218
    MeleeArena 169
    EliteArena 75
    JoustArena 46
    JailbreakArena 45
    SiegeArena 41
    TimeAttackArena 37

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Welcome to blogs07 Jul, 2012
  MX Moderators (0 comments, 768 views) 
Welcome to the blog area of the ShootMania Exchange site. Before we get started, we would like to make our ideas clear about what this area is for and how it should be used.

Blogs are about comment and opinion, discussion and argument, exploring ideas or making observations, expressing concerns, questioning and even ranting if the mood fits. They can also be about simple entertainment, puzzles, or quiz, or fun items. They can be about styles of maps, about how or why to build maps, re...

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