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Rules & Guildelines
By maintaining an account here at Mania Exchange, you agree to follow these rules. Breaching these rules can result in certain penalties; comment deletion, award deletion, track deletion, post deletion, replay deletion and so forth.

Welcome to Mania Exchange, a community driven website!

    Our mission statement:
  • Foster a community spirit conducive to the exchange of ideas
  • Empower creators to share their content with others
  • Most importantly, we’re all here to enjoy the game!

    On Mania Exchange you can:
  • Upload a map built in any ManiaPlanet title
  • Download maps from other creators
  • Award a map to show you had fun playing it
  • Add an author to favourites (heart icon) to keep up with their map releases
  • Discuss map building or meet the crew on the MX Discord server


    We strongly encourage the use of English in all public areas of Mania Exchange. This makes it easier for an international audience to communicate on the site. Regardless of the language you use, please try to write with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling so others can easily use a translation tool if needed.

    When you upload your map, the map thumbnail (snapshot) will be used as a screenshot. The snapshot camera can be set in the editor before saving the map. If you want a different screenshot, you can upload a screenshot along with the map. It will be displayed on the map page. Screenshots that show a clear portion of the map are more likely to attract players since they can see what your map is like.

    Show appreciation for the maps you enjoy playing by awarding them. This is also your opportunity to provide constructive feedback about the map. Tell the author what specific parts were fun and well made or what can be improved. Awarding maps can help others discover maps they might enjoy.


    Content should be suitable for all ages
  • No inappropriate content (including content shown when the map is played)
  • No foul language

    Treat others with respect
  • Don’t insult, flame, or troll other users
  • Don’t threaten others with violence or harassment
  • Don’t impersonate other people
  • Don’t upload other people's maps without permission

    Keep it honest
  • Don’t link to, or use, cheats or game exploits
  • Don’t link to illegal downloads of software or music
  • Don’t award a map if you built part of it
  • Only award maps you’ve actually played and liked
  • Don't use official tags in map names (ESL, ParagonLeague, etc.) unless map has been chosen

  • Don’t be a backseat moderator (trying to enforce the rules yourself).

See something? Say something. Report it to the moderators.

The Mania Exchange crew reserves the right to edit, remove, or hide
any content we deem inappropriate.

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