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Rules & Guidelines
By maintaining an account here at Mania Exchange, you agree to follow these rules. Breaching these rules can result in certain penalties; comment deletion, award deletion, track deletion, post deletion, replay deletion and so forth.
We want Mania Exchange to be a fun and friendly website for people of all ages.
By following these rules, we can all work together to keep it that way!

Do not do any of the following:
  • Insult, troll, or flame users.
  • Feed a troll.
  • Use abusive or foul language.
  • Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, phone, etc.)
  • Post spam (+1, Rick Rolls, etc.)
  • Openly argue with moderators.
  • Post porn, inappropriate, or offensive content, or link to illegal downloads of software or music.
  • Link to cheats or game exploits.
  • Threaten others with violence or harassment, even if joking.
  • Be racist or discriminatory.
  • Impersonate other users.
  • Backseat moderating (i.e. trying to enforce the rules yourself).

General Rules
  • Use only English in all public areas (awards, comments, forums, blogs, etc.). Exception: map names.
  • You're allowed one personal user account. Do not create new ones.

    • If you want to change your name, you can change your "display name" from your profile. Click "Update: Account Information". This will change how your name is displayed around the site. Note that your login will not change.
    • If you make a map with a friend and want to create a duo account, see this blog post for more information.

Uploading Maps
  • Maps and screenshots must be suitable for all ages.
  • Screenshots should be relevant and display a clear portion of the track.
  • Do not post other people's maps, with or without modifications, unless they've given permission. If permission is obtained, always give credit to the original author and link to the original map.

  • Awards are a way to show authors that you had fun on their map. Only award maps you've played.
  • Do not award any map which you've built in part or in whole.

  • Keep your posts relevant to ShootMania.
  • Posts made for the purpose of self-promotion, with very little content, or containing big, ugly, flashy images, will be edited or deleted without warning.
  • Posts made to promote events that can be participated in are allowed.

      Some Guidelines:
    • The primary purpose of the blog is to promote exceptional maps you find. The blog may also be used for comment and opinion, discussion and argument, observations, exploring ideas, and expressing concerns.
    • Always check the Forums first. Your blog post may work better in the Forums (e.g. a bug report about the site should go in the Site Bugs forum, not in a blog entry).

  • Make your topic titles descriptive (i.e. it should let people know what the topic is about).
  • Always post in the most relevant forum.
  • Do not bump or derail topics.
  • Do not crosspost or make duplicate topics.
  • See more in the Forum Ground Rules post.

Private Messaging
  • Do not send unsolicited self-promotion PMs.
  • Non-English may be used in PMs, as long as the recipient also reads/writes your language.

If you find someone breaking a rule, report it to the moderators.

Moderators have the final word over any issue on the site. Please note that we are an independently run community website, and the crew on this site are all unpaid volunteers. This includes the admins, developers, and moderators. This site was created because we love ShootMania, just like you do.

Here are some suggestions about how to get the most out of Mania Exchange:
  • Try New Maps: Branch out and try maps by authors you don't know.

  • Give Feedback: Keep it positive and constructive. Giving feedback is a great way to give back to the community. And you'll find it works both ways. The more involved you are, the more likely others will give you feedback on your own maps.

  • Use the Favourite Authors System: When you find an author whose maps you like, you can favourite the author by clicking the heart icon next to their name on one of their map pages or by clicking "Add to favourite authors" from their profile page. You will then get notifications when they upload new maps. You can also find a list of new maps by your favourite authors by navigating to "Find Maps" and then choosing "Favourite Authors" from the dropdown menu.

  • Use The Forums: The forums are a great place to get help, find projects & competitions to participate in, report site bugs, suggest new features for the site, share screenshots, get to know other players, find resources to use in-game, promote your map, or simply discuss the game.
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