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The awesomeness of brown blocks
The awesomeness of brown blocks17 Apr, 2013
  BLiNNeMaNS (8 comments, 3271 views)  
Brown blocks ftw!

The new brown blocks have everything you need to add that extra oomph to your maps.

:done: Stamina jump
On a full stamina bar, the top surface is useful as it allows you to reach slightly further with your jumps.
This is useful to make those special sniper platforms hard, but not impossible, to reach
(and they won't launch the player way to high or into a wall)

:done: we finally got crates
Because the brown blocks come in all sizes including 3x player width and the fact they can be placed everywhere unless it's underground, these little buggers are great for tactical shelter in small alleys.

:done: rubber walls
These brown blocks bounce back rockets. so if you place them with care you can create slalom shot opportunities

and last, but certainly not least:
:done: they float
Brown blocks can be placed in mid air without those annoying auto concrete creation underneath, so you can finally build tunnelsystems the way you like them (for instance, with strategicaly placed "crates" )

so, hurray for brown blocks!!!
8 comment(s).
  kadaz writes ... 26, May, 2013  
Yes the Browns, love the browns, they are the neighbors right.
  kadaz writes ... 08, May, 2013  
ddm999 says:
...jumping uses ALL your stamina.

I hear yah ... Actually it won't if you time it right, you can use only part of it, yet the trigger is so accurately sensitive, it is nearly impossible to use perfect partial stamina..

ddm999 says:
But it can be annoying when you're making a Royal map out brown blocks.

I quite agree, now there is alot of maps that just look plain ugly.. with incorrect usage, its like yah a new piece, lets slop it everywhere, OK so its nice to have, yet please consider a proper placement. I honestly don't prefer to use the thing at all, except for roofs, and for those occasional occasions. Also in agreeableness with the color tone, adding a bit more of a tarnish lighter brown look, likewise same for the green runways, would just help enhance its blend-ability.

:d Just a thought, perhaps some footstep imprints would bring it to reality, lets it get dusty.. oh where, oh where is the water spring, river? or a fountain, now that would be good! Because its only good that brings awesomeness to life, like in a compact series. :"D
  ddm999 writes ... 05, May, 2013  
kadaz says:
yet if you jump on a pad, you lose stamina?

You jump higher on brown blocks. However, jumping uses ALL your stamina, and the height you jump is defined by the stamina it uses. (Making it so that you have to wait a bit if there's jumps straight after one another - 3 joined brown blocks is best to keep pace up in maps.) Hope that clears that up.

Sort of glad the brown blocks also carry light colours, too. :d But it can be annoying when you're making a Royal map out brown blocks, so all the light colours are just black... (Also, why no brown block spawns? There's brown block checkpoints, poles, and health regen zones :( )
  kadaz writes ... 28, Apr, 2013  
I don't agree with browns.. I like them, they should of have less amounts of stamina taken off, same to regular jump stamia, because.. why, look at the ground light routes, and the runway railings, they all got boosts and bonus reloadings, yet if you jump on a pad, you lose stamina? No I don't like the browns, ugly browns, yet I like the greens runways, and the nice mojave reddish color on the top of the metal tins.
  BLiNNeMaNS writes ... 27, Apr, 2013  
MrA says:
Agree with all your points, except, are they brown? =p

well, brurple isn't a color, so i decided brown was best fitting.
  kadaz writes ... 26, Apr, 2013  
I see his point.
  MrA writes ... 19, Apr, 2013  
Agree with all your points, except, are they brown? =p
  marti488 writes ... 17, Apr, 2013  
They're awesome ^^
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