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Map Design Advice - Balance
Map Design Advice - Balance23 Jul, 2012
  Lexino (0 comments, 1239 views)  

This is most important of all things I listed in the introduction in my opinion, so I'm posting this first.

Keep balance in the mind when you are building, you do want to give equal opportunities to each team (in team modes) or each player (in free for all modes).

How to make a map balanced? Find how each player can achieve their objective (may that be capturing poles or eliminating others, etc), do they have equal distances, time, special blocks (such as railgun platforms), do they have an equal chance of doing the objective?

An example of an unbalanced map in Battle, the Red team can get to the poles very easily, there are lots of railgun platforms on their side of map. The Blue team has difficulty to get to the poles they are to capture or even the poles they're defending, so they have no chance of capturing or defending the poles before the Red team achieve their objective.

Easiest way to do this is to make symmetrical maps, that way, everyone has equal distances, jumppads, railgun platforms, etc. Note this might become a risk of lack of variation.

Asymmetrical maps can be balanced too, but it's more difficult to balance, as the map would be very varied with lots of different routes, blocks, etc, so harder to build for the map to be equal, but its totally possible as long as it's fair for all parties.

Also keep the game mode in the mind too when you're making the map balanced, for example, in Elite, you do want the pole nearer to the defenders than the attacker
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