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Map Design Advice - Risk vs Reward
Map Design Advice - Risk vs Reward23 Jul, 2012
  Lexino (1 comments, 1491 views)  
Risk vs Reward

CliffyB (Epic Games game designer) famously said "Put desirable things in a dangerous or exposed spot"

I am going to use my melee map Agamemnon as an example. In that map I placed 4 railgun platforms in hard to reach spots, and they're quite exposed. So a player would risk to get to those platforms and also risk himself from incoming rockets. Thats risk vs reward, you would risk yourself to get a lot of kills from railgun, the reward from the risk.

Another good example is a hard to reach healing platform, so if you are low on armor, you would risk yourself to get there either using tricky jumps/sprinting (parkour) and/or avoiding other players/rockets, to heal yourself.

So the things that gives the player advantage such as railgun platform, healing platform, and invulnerable platforms. It depends on the block, but make sure they are open and easy to see for other players, and/or make them hard to reach. No one likes a camper that they can't see, or a player keep going to the healing block very easily and frequently.
1 comment(s).
  MrA writes ... 24, Jul, 2012  
For the healing/recharge platform I think there can be more options than simple risk/reward, it can also be placed in a relatively 'safe' place if there is an associated cost (such as loss of attacking/defending momentum)... so as well as risk/reward we might also think about cost/benefit.
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