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Welcome to the Mania Exchange, for ShootMania!

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Gorgeous & Fun to Play posted by   eFFecT, 02-Sep-2018
A brand new deathmatch map for ShootMania featuring a gorgeous ancient Aztek atmosphere!
A short but challenging Obstacle Adventure! posted by   eFFecT, 16-Aug-2018
This is Beginner for Dydy (Storm) by   ouhouuhu  1
Featuring 9 CPs of intermediate to high difficulty and made by Ouhou, it pushes your Obstacle skills!
Latest tracks All | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.Aw.Etc
 Battle - Ruined Fortress  ziyx BattleArenaStorm  
 Land of the fils de pute   veltaz ObstacleTitleArenaOldStorm  
 CARTON LE FDP  carton ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 LOLo  bengamer ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 Subway | ez version  Blouky ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 For Honor (1v1 map)  FlashW MeleeArenaStorm  
 Siege - Erecthon  Crampe SiegeV2ArenaStorm  
 Siege - Imhotep  NONO91 SiegeV2ArenaStorm  
 Mais t'avais dit qu'on ferait des knackis (blouk)  Unit-Bryan ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 Pour Wumpa #1  booby ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
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Recently awardedAll | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.Aw.Etc
 drift.core | Ruins  promarijan ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 3  
 Revery  cheesebullets ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 2  
 FFADeathMatch - Quetzalcoatl  DrLester +1MeleeArenaStorm 1  
 This is Beginner for Dydy  ouhouuhu ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 Joust - Le calanque du Mekh !  Soprah JoustArenaStorm 1  
 Apprendre le Rocket Wall Jump 2.0  kana00 ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 2  
 Battle - K l i m b  ziyx BattleArenaStorm 2  
 [TMNF] A01 Race  kulisa TimeAttackArenaStorm 1  
 Obstacle - Bordel  ReDsKy ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 Siege - Sagesse  NONO91 SiegeV2ArenaStorm 1  
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Storm
There are currently no maps to show.
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Best of the WeekAll | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.RatingEtc
 Chibre optique!  Blouky ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  5.00 (2)   
 Land of the fils de pute   veltaz ObstacleTitleArenaOldStorm  5.00 (1)   
 DuelDeathmatch - Wrong Step V2  ziyx +1MeleeArenaStorm  5.00 (1)   
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