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Welcome to the Mania Exchange, for ShootMania!

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Latest news
Shootmania eSport Discord server posted by   eyebo at 11 Jan, 2021

ziyx says:
Hey everyone!

It's time to introduce you a new big project. Triss created a new discord server to establish a new place for all the active competitors (pvp, obstacle and more). The name of the discord is "Shootmania eSport". You will be able to choose the gamemodes you play so you can ping people or be pinged for matches on these gamemodes, for practice or official tournaments and cups!
It will give a fresh and new discord environment for all of you to organise or participate to events, cups, praccs, etc. As an example, the Ultimate League 2 will be using this new discord server!

But it's not over yet... Indeed, the biggest part of that server is the Community Machine! It offers the possibility to ANYONE to organise cups and tournaments (more info on the discord). Basically, you make a request for a certain amount of servers and you will obtain them already set up on the right date! The funding of this machine is communitary: anyone can donate (even a very little amount of money) to allow this machine to be! You are not obliged to donate if you want a server, and you are not obliged to take a server if you want to donate :)

More info on the new discord:) see you there!

---> Shootmania eSport Discord
ShootMania Discord posted by   eyebo at 20 Jul, 2019

Want to join the ShootMania community on Discord? Here's an invite link to the main server for the SM community.
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Latest tracks All | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.Aw.Etc
 Joust - Defiance by teeto (3rdP)  Triss JoustArenaStorm  
 not that hard  darkblaze147 ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 RoyalSquad - Mistral by p4t---  yugo RoyalArenaStorm  
 Unleashed ~Test 5  gamer0x SpeedBallArenaStorm  
 A Reverse Side Of The Cloud -|-  magueule ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
  RUNNNN 2  valeriannn ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 Initiate to Survival  wentho ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 Gazer  lonbertzend ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 RoyalPro _ RastaMania  Anonym RoyalArenaStorm  
  C'est le retour du retour   Stramity_ ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
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Recently awardedAll | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.Aw.Etc
 Guntvig  keeth ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 Necessary Lies  cheesebullets ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 RoyalPro - I am sry (by Hype)  yugo RoyalArenaStorm 3  
 H&S - Shit map in 5 minutes  CoreNite MeleeArenaStorm 1  
 CTF - Tiamade(roq)  NONO91 CTFArenaStorm 1  
 Unleashed ~Test 2  gamer0x SpeedBallArenaStorm 1  
 BlueGraples (By Maki)  Maki ObstacleArenaStorm 2  
 Siege - Corners 2  afro SiegeV2ArenaStorm 1  
 wolfou! v3  woolfy69 SiegeV2ArenaStorm 1  
 250m Splash Bucket Dive  nutellax ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Storm
There are currently no maps to show.
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Best of the WeekAll | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.RatingEtc
 Brain - Unfairmania #11 - Second Chance  ziyx ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  5.00 (7)   
 Initiate to Survival  wentho ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  4.22 (9)   
 Elite - Dragonia  kaffejern EliteArenaStorm  4.00 (8)   
 ?c koi ça #2  LanTeam - Guerro&Lays ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  4.40 (5)   
 Le Mentaliste - Episode 1  Lolo ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  3.88 (8)   
 blocktrippo  lgerm ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  4.50 (2)   
 ?Fastest?  lonbertzend ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  5.00 (1)   
  RUNNNN  valeriannn ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  5.00 (1)   
 Sandwich 2k21  Dy006 EliteArenaStorm  5.00 (1)   
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