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Welcome to the Mania Exchange, for ShootMania!

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ShootMania Discord posted by   eyebo at 20 Jul, 2019

Want to join the ShootMania community on Discord? Here's an invite link to the main server for the SM community.
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Latest tracks All | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.Aw.Etc
 Exhaustion [Brain]  Hagushi ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 Infoxion - Skin & Bones  ziyx MeleeArenaStorm  
 The Smurfiest Smurf Map Ever  HYPE RoyalArenaStorm  
 Royal - Hapy  NONO91 RoyalArenaStorm  
 First brain map by firefly  xblocks15 ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 Meule Jump UNLIMITED  cheesebullets ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 Lookout  erkagoone ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 test-booby  Pixou EliteArenaStorm  
 lol - Reblochon  Lyyras ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 THE GOOD WAY   girugamessh ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
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Recently awardedAll | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.Aw.Etc
 Refunct (Map remake)  Penauto ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 Once Upon A Time (Inter-Hard)  cheesebullets ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 Fox Tutorial! V2  ziyx ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 2  
 Would you be accurate ?   instayyd ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 Royal - I am sry  HYPE RoyalArenaStorm 1  
 Royal - Loyale Royale Lite  GR. RoyalArenaStorm 4  
 Obs ~ Exile  HAScrashed ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 2  
 Villager  bengamer ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 2  
 Polar Improvisus  Ville ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 2  
 Shorty!#001  shenef TimeAttackArenaStorm 4  
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Storm
There are currently no maps to show.
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Best of the WeekAll | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.RatingEtc
 The Smurfiest Smurf Map Ever  HYPE RoyalArenaStorm  3.50 (8)   
 Exhaustion [Brain]  Hagushi ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  5.00 (1)   
 Infoxion - Skin & Bones  ziyx MeleeArenaStorm  5.00 (1)   
 Babylon 2  janfo SpeedBallArenaStorm  4.00 (1)   
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