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Latest news
Steam Summer Sales! posted by   eyebo at 23 Jun, 2017
If you don't own all the environments yet, now's the time to get them!
The Steam Summer Sales are upon us!

Until July 5, 2017
50% discounts on Canyon, Valley, Stadium, ShootMania, and TMUF+3 TM2 environments.

€ 4,99 - Stadium
€ 9,99 - Canyon
€ 9,99 - Valley
€ 9,99 - Shootmania

Or get the TrackManias bundled:
€ 29,99 - TMUF + Canyon+Valley+Stadium

Not on sale, but worth buying:
€ 19.99 - Lagoon
ManiaPlanet 4 Compatibility posted by   eyebo at 17 Jun, 2017

As of today 14,232 maps on Mania Exchange are ManiaPlanet 4 compatible. This is all but 51 of the public maps on the site. This means you should be able to load up most of the maps on the site and use them on your server. (y)

We want to thank a few people who helped us get to this point.

TGYoshi, TheM, [Linkin] Alex, haagse, vincent-p (aka ascent smoke), Dommy, Wohoohi, Elvestad, smorgasgurka, Okami, Paragon Luké, and HYPE.

We couldn't have done it without you!(l)
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Latest tracks All | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.Aw.Etc
  Fasp  HowHigh ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 caramelo  guillermopollo EliteArenaStorm  
 AgE - Pacific Rim  ziyx AgeArenaStorm  
 Payload - Extinguished  Dommy PayloadArenaStorm  
 Combo - DvDRom - Gargan  Gargan ComboArenaStorm  
 ?¬LittlePoleBlocks*  vrba ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 RoyalXP - IndianTemple V11  Areotwister RoyalArenaStorm  
 hometown  Arik ObstacleTitleArenaStorm  
 Siege - Pint  lilia44 SiegeV2ArenaStorm  
 Elite - Stonegates 2k17  Xirdrak EliteArenaStorm  
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Recently awardedAll | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.Aw.Etc
 WTF #01 - Cars in ShootMania  FrankTheTank ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 TrumpWall - kys edition  Elvestad ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 Obstacle - Magic Mega Plouf  fudge ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 GLADIATOR apos; apos; apos;  Arik ObstacleArenaStorm 1  
  mAPf0rno0Bs  nitromann2 ObstacleTitleArenaStorm 1  
 CTF - Warsong Gulch v1.2  promarijan CTFArenaStorm 1  
 From Noob to Legend  bierfuizl ObstacleArenaStorm 2  
 Infection - Use Your Power  ELO_Techno MeleeArenaStorm 1  
 Siege - Lavender Cloud   Xirdrak SiegeV2ArenaStorm 2  
 MiniInfection #5  vrba MeleeArenaStorm 1  
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Storm
There are currently no maps to show.
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Best of the WeekAll | Storm
NameAuthorMap TypeEnvir.RatingEtc
 Siege - 18x18 by AFRO  generalnade1 SiegeV2ArenaStorm  3.67 (3)   
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