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User Information
Username :   German INSOMNIA Clan (3599)
Registered : Sunday, July 15, 2012 (2989 days ago)
Website :
Location : Germany 
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User Comments
This is the Mania-Exchange Account of the German INSOMNIA Clan!

We use this account to upload and exchange all of the SM-Maps our Clanmembers made.

Feel free to comment and download our SM-Clanmaps on this site.

Or play our maps live at one of our SM-Clanservers:
Check out the INSOMNIA SM-Serverlist at our clansite
or search the ingame server list for "insomnia"

If you like our maps and want to get them all together as a package, then download the frequently updated "INSOMNIA CLAN Mappack"

Have fun with our maps!(y)

yamyam (Clanleader)
INSOMNIA - German Multigaming Clan since 1998!
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