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Mania Exchange information
Name : Elite - Tilt Pro
Author :
Version : 19 May 2017 18:09:27
Uploaded : 04 November 2013 14:54:36
Map ID : 7981 
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Map details
Game : ShootMania
TitlePack : SMStormElite Mod : (none)
Map Type : EliteArena Style : Team
Environment : Storm Diff. : Intermediate
Disp. Cost : 6139 Mood : Day
Ghostblocks :
 Author Comments

Map submitted for competitive play, a rework of 'Elite - Tilt' which had I playstyle I enjoyed myself when it was originally in the ESL pool for a short time but was avoided. I fixed some of the main issues like the back area and made the attacking start more fun and faster if you can master speed. The map features a railpad at the start for attacker though I do not plan this useful for competitive play as I assume attackers will rather spend their time engaging, but this is fun for public as it views over the pole area.

The walls in the mid area of the map can be accessed in a variety of places using wall jumping skills and possibly the use of the grapple though the grapple would be more useful for defence to get to that high position and for attacker its pretty good to run along the nearby road, wall jump then take grapple and get into the higher area near pole.

For Public play I believe this map stands out the crowd, new players can learn quicker playing this map as it's a pretty decent size, they will learn how important it is to not waste time on the railpad, and be in the pole vicinity before its too late. By map design, it should not be possible to rush attacker as the main grassy area is too wide and open for defenders to stay alive. This making it more enjoyable for new players but also focusing play in the rest of the map.

Feel free to award this map via this page if you feel this map deserves more recognition and feel free to comment below what you like about the map or what you don't like. This map is official from January-July 2014 and I will not be able to make updates. Feel free to check out some of my new maps as I will be working on more competitive maps in the next few months.

Paragon eSports Community Leader | English ShoutCaster | Elite MapMaker
Online map rating
Rated 3.08 stars by 38 players.
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