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by  kadaz 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Intermediate 
ID  4796 
 2017-05-21 07:53:53
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_____________ :gold: :silver: :bronze: | FRATHOUSE | :bronze: :silver: :gold: _____________

Welcome to a New Track Release (NTR) from SMTRAK Corp.

:done: MT = Intro | 6 = Armor stills | 6 = Lighten pads | 28? = Spawns.

This is a Party House.. well with all sort of seriousness, would you like to challenge even a small number of people to play this? Then it is the map of choice, small enough to handle the crowd, yet secure enough to push through to conquer the central area zone and defeat those who create an opposition.

Bravely braced with multiple lighten on either side of the map and underneath a twin set of duel spots to overcome any that fall beneath the border line. Due to an complaint if there be any of those that fall under, and the unlikelihood of an person seeking to idle while on top, at the pole finish.. thanks for a small adjustment, you can now leap up back onto the top and restore play..

Also in addition, I have added some protection for those who slip into the off-zone. Made preventable avoidable, yet if you get careless, you could still fall in. So take a word advice and watch your step. Otherwise the map is completed and done. Enjoy the map and have fun.

Map has been updated for Maniaplanet 3

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