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Location: Home  Find Maps  MrA's Maps  Battle - MiddleGrounds 
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Mania Exchange information
Name : Battle - MiddleGrounds
Author :
Version : 21 May 2017 04:30:50
Uploaded : 04 August 2012 20:41:14
Map ID : 1032 
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Map details
Game : ShootMania
TitlePack : SMStorm Mod : (none)
Map Type : BattleArena Style : Team
Environment : Storm Diff. : Intermediate
Disp. Cost : 5077 Mood : Sunset
Ghostblocks :
 Author Comments
Here is a map with 3 poles for each team. Each side has to battle over the ground in the middle in order to reach the others poles. Rather than two distinct bases, it is more like one base in the middle.

21 Feb 2013
Beta 3 update. Added some new route options with the new walkway blocks from beta 3, and modified some of the platform pieces. Changed the mood of the map to be surrounded by water. Modified bumper configurations.

16 Mar 2013
Added off zone in the middle
Removed middle platform walkways from air
Modifed bumper locatioons on outside
Modified edges of middle area to give extra routes

04 Aug 2013
Various updates
Lighting recalculations
Likely to be small layout changes
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