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Amok Obstacle Map Making Contest # prices over 50.000 planets
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Amok Obstacle Map Making Contest # prices over 50.000 planets 13 January 2013 00:00:04  

Good day my friends,

please take part in our hyperawesome Obstacle Map-Contest!
This contest will happen on the Amok.Obstacle[/color] Server!
The server is located in Germany-Saxonia-Leipzig or mostly on page 1 of the world-server-list of SM-Storm.
You can also type: "maniaplanet://#join=b_nut_1@SMStorm" in your webbrowser.

In this Map-Contest we will give away over 50.000 Planets!

You can get the script for any tests here:
The Map-Type-Script is here:

If you want to participate, please read the rules below carefully!
Please note, that the times in the rules are MEZ (UTC+1).

Have fun!


1. Mapping Phase

1.1 The "Mapping Phase" is until sunday the 9.02.2013; 11.59 PM

[Changed] 1.2 To participate, please add the Prefix "AMOK" to your Mapname, upload your Map on SM-EXCHANGE and post the Map-ID below OR send me an E-Mail:

[Deactivated] 1.2.1 It's NOT ALLOWED to upload maps built for this contest on
. If your map or a version of your map is
uploaded there, you are disqualified.

1.2.2 You are the owner of the map! You are free to do whatever
you want after the "Voting Phase".

1.2.3 You are free to upload more than one map for this contest.
(but note 1.3.2!)

1.3 Your map will be disqualified, if...

1.3.1 ...the average of the top 20 local records will be under 5 minutes.

1.3.2 copy&paste it from another map existing.

1.3.3 ...bugs are discovered AFTER the "Mapping Phase" that
makes your map unplayable. (We may make exceptions)

1.3.4 ...the size of the map is over 1.00 MB.
(tipp: high quality shadows are smaller!)

[Deactivated] 1.3.5 upload or let upload your map on another server before the contest is finished.

[Deactivated] 1.3.6 (look 1.2.1)!
1.3.7 ...the map was build before the 10.01.2013

1.4 The Jury will check the maps regarding the rules.
They are not allowed to participate with a map.

2. Voting Phase

2.1 The "Voting Phase" is from the 10.2.2013; 00:00 AM
until the 09.03.2013; 11.59 PM

[Deactivated]2.2 During this phase only Contest-Maps will be on the Amok-Obstacle-Server.

[Changed]2.3 The ranking is the decition of the Jury! An official assessment-sheet is coming soon.

3. Prices

1. Map:20k Planets
2. Map:10k Planets
3. Map:5k Planets

[Deactivated]3.2 We give away 8 x 2.000 Planets randomly under all PLAYERS who voted
on the Obstacle server during the "Voting-Phase"

[Deactivated]3.3 We give away 8 x 1000 Planets randomly under all RECORDS
on the Obstacle-Server made during the "Voting-Phase"
Last edited by bladerunner78, 20 January 2013 16:03:51
FPS Learner
Location: DE
04 May 2013 15:27:59  
:) So is this done, completed, and the Winners are to be announced !

:d Good to be informed of this, looking forward to hearing of your next competition:award:

Thanks for posting here.(y)
Sir Knight
Location: CA
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