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 EPS - s1mple

by  ziyx +1
 Storm / StormMan   |   Impossible 
ID  42713 
  Solo Team Versus    
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 ziyx — Re-shape of the map
 gamer0x — Original Builder
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 Author Comments
Original map by Gamer0x, modifications by ziyx!
 Embedded objects64 Objects
Object IX? Object author
Block123.Block.Gbx cime62
Block137.Block.Gbx cime62
Block138.Block.Gbx cime62
Block139.Block.Gbx cime62
Block163.Block.Gbx cime62
Block166.Block.Gbx cime62
Block182.Block.Gbx cime62
Block183.Block.Gbx cime62
Block27.Block.Gbx cime62
Block388.Block.Gbx cime62
Block76.Block.Gbx cime62
Block77.Block.Gbx cime62
Block78.Block.Gbx cime62
Block79.Block.Gbx cime62
Stairs_Normal_H2_Wall_#03_8x8.Item.gbx Aurel
Item125.Item.Gbx cime62
Item284.Item.Gbx cime62
Item284zzzdza.Item.Gbx cime62
Item293dzef.Item.Gbx cime62
Item299zzzgbvrezbh.Item.Gbx cime62
wall2.Item.Gbx janfo
triangular2.Item.Gbx janfo
wall2.Item.Gbx janfo
block.Item.Gbx janfo
POTEAU-BASE.Item.Gbx cime62
POTEAU-MID.Item.Gbx cime62
POTEAU-TOP.Item.Gbx cime62
POTEAU-TOP2.Item.Gbx cime62
POTEAU-TOP3.Item.Gbx cime62
InvisibleBox1.Item.gbx TGYoshi
Base_Normal_H2_2x2.Item.gbx Aurel
Base_Normal_H2_2x4.Item.gbx Aurel
Base_Normal_H4_2x8.Item.gbx Aurel
Door_Round_2Medium_4x8_#02.Item.gbx Aurel
Ramp_Normal_H2_Wall_#12_4x8.Item.gbx Aurel
Stairs_Normal_H2_noWall_#03_8x8.Item.gbx Aurel
Vault_Round_1Small_4x4_#04.Item.gbx Aurel
Wall_Normal_H6_#05_8x8.Item.gbx Aurel
Cover_Wall_Grid_#2_4x4.Item.Gbx aurelamck
Ramp_Normal_H2_Wall_#03_8x8.Item.gbx Aurel
Ramp_Triangular_H2_Wall_#44_8x8L.Item.gbx Aurel
Stairs_Normal_H2_Wall_#03_8x8.Item.gbx Aurel
edge1.Item.Gbx janfo
edge4.Item.Gbx janfo
edge5.Item.Gbx janfo
edge6.Item.Gbx janfo
plants wall.Item.Gbx janfo
plants wall2.Item.Gbx janfo
plants2.Item.Gbx janfo
figure small.Item.Gbx janfo
deco8.Item.Gbx cime62
door.Item.Gbx janfo
roof3.Item.Gbx cime62
triangular edge2.Item.Gbx janfo
block2.Item.Gbx cime62
quadratic edge2.Item.Gbx janfo
triangular edge2.Item.Gbx janfo
walledge2.Item.Gbx janfo
wall half2.Item.Gbx janfo
wall half4.Item.Gbx cime62
wall2.Item.Gbx cime62
triangular2.Item.Gbx cime62
WhiteSoft#01d8i1.Item.gbx Aurel
CastleBorderRuinStraighLowered2.Block.Gbx cime62
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EPS Spring 2023  Liber 9
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Rated 3.21 stars by 14 players.