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Mania Exchange information
Name : Apprendre l' Arrow Wall Jump
Author :
Version : 22 March 2020 01:46:50
Uploaded : 22 March 2020 01:46:50
Map ID : 26948 
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Map details
Game : ShootMania
TitlePack : obstacle Mod : (none)
Map Type : ObstacleTitleArena Style : Solo
Environment : Storm Diff. : Intermediate
Disp. Cost : 13137 Mood : Day
Ghostblocks :
 Embedded objects
ObjectObject author
 Author Comments
Arrow version of Apprendre le Rocket Wall Jump by Kana.
Every CP has been tested and is finishable (by me even! :p) including the last one.
For the last CP, I had to make a few adjustments to make it work and not be too annoyingly difficult.

I now heard that Triss has created a clean arrow version of the map a few days prior. Difference with this version is that easy ways have been removed, some CPs were made a bit more difficult, unlimited arrows everywhere, CP positions have been slightly adjustments, and most importantly goal CP has been adjusted to make it easier and nicer with arrows. Also the goal cut has been fixed, not sure if there are any others :d
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