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Showcase archive
This map is awesome posted by   eyebo, 2 year ago
Obs ~ Exile (Storm) by   HAScrashed  2
HYPE says:
This map is awesome.
A new Obstacle Improvisus map made by SBVille! posted by   eFFecT, 2 years ago
Polar Improvisus (Storm) by   Ville  2
  Ville created a very technical Obstacle map called Polar Improvisus!
Go check it out online on this dedicated server: maniaplanet://#join=sbv_server@obstacle@smokegun
Gorgeous & Fun to Play posted by   eFFecT, 2 years ago
A brand new deathmatch map for ShootMania featuring a gorgeous ancient Aztek atmosphere!
A short but challenging Obstacle Adventure! posted by   eFFecT, 2 years ago
This is Beginner for Dydy (Storm) by   ouhouuhu  1
Featuring 9 CPs of intermediate to high difficulty and made by Ouhou, it pushes your Obstacle skills!
All paths lead to the pole posted by   eyebo, 4 years ago
Now that ManiaPlanet 4 is out, Xirdrak has released a new version of his Elite map, Stonegates.
<-- Yes, that screenshot is Canyon. =p Mania Exchange bug. :'(
Showcased tracks are tracks given extra visibility as they have been put into the spotlight on the frontpage of the website. Showcase slots are often awarded for competitions, like the Monthly Track Contest.
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