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NameAuthorEnvir.Map TypeMoodStyleDiff.RatingEtc
 Mahishasura (by Sleepy) v1.02  mrm0i StormObstacleTitleArenaDaySoloIntermediate  
 Soflexium [by omga]  omega_Sasha StormObstacleTitleArenaDaySoloHardcore  
 AVEN tutorial - No rox (kenny's map remix)  nutellax StormObstacleTitleArenaSunsetOtherHardcore  
 Brain - Experiment #04 but actually hard  DrLester StormObstacleTitleArenaSunriseSoloHardcore  
 ???v??s? - Henri#1 - Metallica - nut remix  nutellax StormObstacleTitleArenaDayOtherIntermediate  
 Sliding at its best  curly-nes StormObstacleTitleArenaDaySoloIntermediate  
 Small Frozen Arena (by nut)  nutellax StormMeleeArenaDayOtherIntermediate  
 Q3DM6 (by Nut)  nutellax StormMeleeArenaDayOtherIntermediate  
 Dumb Tunel (by Nut)  nutellax StormMeleeArenaDayOtherIntermediate  
 Bridge Crossing mk2  Frost_E StormMeleeArenaNightOtherIntermediate  
 Chatty Family - Aerial Taste  Yumen1312 StormObstacleTitleArenaSunriseSoloBeginner  
 Hysteria Training // Hard - Wall jump  smoke StormObstacleArenaSunsetSoloBeginner  
 Never say never 2.0  Harest +1StormObstacleArenaDaySoloHardcore  
 Hysteria // Vacant  Harest +1StormObstacleArenaDaySoloHardcore  
 Hysteria // This is shit  Harest +1StormObstacleArenaDaySoloHardcore  
 Hysteria // This is shit 2  Harest +1StormObstacleArenaDaySoloHardcore  
 Hysteria // The Real Shit  Harest +1StormObstacleArenaDaySoloHardcore  
 Hysteria // The Great Wall of China  Harest +1StormObstacleTitleArenaNightSoloHardcore  
 Hysteria // Strike  Harest +1StormObstacleArenaDaySoloHardcore  
 Hysteria //Shity no Asenshon  Harest +1StormObstacleArenaDaySoloHardcore  
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