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Community Elite Lobby
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Community Elite Lobby 18 November 2013 14:30:42  
Nadeo are to have a new 'free to play' Elite matchmaking lobby with a selection of community built maps by Mania Exchange builders/players.

Each week the maplist will be rotated, which means we need to find 3 new maps each week.

The rotation will produce a playlist as follows

o The 3 new maps of the week
o The 3 maps of last week
o +1 map voted to stay by karma (so this map is 3 weeks in play)

So this means that typically there will be 7 maps on the server, with the oldest set of three making way for a new set of 3 each week, with one of the oldest saved for 1 further week by the karma vote.

Please use this thread to recommend maps for the playlist. Gradually we will be looking more at new built maps than the back catalogue, but initially we are just looking for fresh, fun maps that are good for players of all skills.

The lobby should go live in the next day or so with an initial selection to get us going, so we are looking to find next weeks 3 new maps

Please Note: We strongly prefer the maps not to be password protected, it makes it much easier to look at them and test, if we can open them in the editor


Map pool - Week 1
"Elite - Tilt Pro by   Wabbitface
"Elite - Endorphin by   basbaas
"Elite Execution.. by   Soprah
"Elite - Psygnosis - MMC by   MrA
"Elite - ThunderEdge (MMC) by   PapyChampy
Last edited by MrA, 26 November 2013 17:18:38
Location: GB
18 November 2013 15:51:23  
Join link for lobby :


Last edited by magnetik, 18 November 2013 15:52:07
FPS Learner
Location: FR
18 November 2013 17:49:19  
The Godfather of Mapping ;)
Location: DE
20 November 2013 00:27:37  
So i just reply with a link to a map? ok!

Please check out Elite - Azen

FPS Learner
FPS Learner
Location: PL
map suggestion Coiled Snake 20 November 2013 23:49:39  
Coiled Snake

or the nighttime version (my favorite)

Coiled Snake at NIGHT
FPS Learner
21 November 2013 00:51:22  
Great idea! (y)

I think, this information should be here too:

Map pool - Week 1
"Elite - Tilt Pro by   Wabbitface
"Elite - Endorphin by   basbaas
"Elite Execution.. by   Soprah
"Elite - Psygnosis - MMC by   MrA
"Elite - ThunderEdge (MMC) by   PapyChampy
21 November 2013 13:07:29  
Thanks bionick. (y)
Edited the first post.
Location: NL
22 November 2013 16:00:16  
FPS Learner
Location: DE
22 November 2013 17:02:00  
I checked a lot of Elite maps yesterday and I found some very nice pieces. Here is one of them:

Tip for next week - "Elite - ParisH by   xc6
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