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 EPS - Broken'Throne

by  Ze-Rax 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Intermediate 
ID  39620 
  Team Other    
 05 April 2021 11:21:04
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Author Comments
Update 03.04.2021:

  • Moved stairs on the left side close to pole by half a block
  • Removed stairs on the left leading up to back position

Update 04.04.2021:

  • Glitch fixes

Update 05.04.2021

  • Removed "unwanted scenery"
 Embedded objects18 Objects
Object IX? Object author
InvisibleBox1.Item.gbx TGYoshi
Simple01.Item.gbx TitiShu
Simple06.Item.gbx TitiShu
Simple01.Item.gbx TitiShu
StairsD.Item.gbx TitiShu
CastleBorderDecoButtressBattleBlackStraightHalf.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleBorderRuinStraighLowered.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleBorderRuinStraightGroundNoGrass.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleCenterDiagonalDecoNoEdge.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleCenterRoofTShapedLessPillars.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallStraightWoodOneSided.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
DecoGrassBaseVoid.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
FaceRemoverStraight.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
WoodBorderHalf.Item.Gbx cartoonlink
deco1.Item.Gbx janfo
deco3.Item.Gbx janfo
fence3.Item.Gbx janfo
ramp.Item.Gbx janfo
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