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 EPS - Windstream

by  Ze-Rax 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Intermediate 
ID  39619 
  Team Other    
 2021-04-15 12:53:37
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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 Author Comments
Update 03.04.2021:

  • Removed 2 parts of the tripple pillar
  • Added pillar in the corner next to pole
  • Opened up hut on hill side and improved moving around it
  • Replaced small corner pillar next to back tree position with big center pillar
  • Improved moving around pillar above arch

Update 14.04.2021:

  • Re-added a second pillar to the pillar behind the pole (which originally was a tripple pillar
  • Added a broken wall at the edge behind pole
  • Moved the jumppad at the grappling hook by one block for better grappling hook angle
  • Added a border to walk on at the backside of the hut in front of the pole
  • Replaced ramp from gras/path to platform in fron of the pole
  • Replaced the platform block at the pillar position on the hill with sloped blocks for better visibility and movement
  • Pole is now offset of it's base towards the defender spawn
  • Glitchfixes
  • Removed some Z-fighting near defender spawn
 Embedded objects31 Objects
Object IX? Object author
BorderWallBottomPlatformConnector.Item.Gbx cartoonlink
BorderWallBottomPlatformRampConnector2.Item.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleBorderRuinCornerGroundNoGrass.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleBorderRuinStraighLowered.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleBorderRuinStraightGroundNoGrass.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleBorderRuinStraightWindstream.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallCornerWoodOpen6.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallSlopeStraightWoodOneSided1.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallTShapedWoodOpen.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallTShapedWoodOpen6.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
DecoGrassBaseVoid.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
DecoTerrainHDStretched.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
DecoTerrainHDStretched2.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
FaceRemoverCorner.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
FaceRemoverStraight.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
edge1.Item.Gbx janfo
plants.Item.Gbx janfo
plants2.Item.Gbx janfo
plants3.Item.Gbx janfo
Stones3.Item.Gbx janfo
fence2.Item.Gbx janfo
fence4.Item.Gbx janfo
quadratic edge3.Item.Gbx janfo
wallramp3(2).Item.Gbx janfo
wallramp3.Item.Gbx janfo
quadratic edge2.Item.Gbx janfo
wall half2.Item.Gbx janfo
wall2.Item.Gbx janfo
MountainRemover.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
PillarBottomPlatformConnector.Item.Gbx cartoonlink
RoadDirtStraightGrasHill2x1.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
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