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 EPS - Wilderness'

by  Ze-Rax 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Intermediate 
ID  39618 
  Team Other    
 13 April 2021 20:25:07
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Author Comments
Update 02.04.2021:

  • Rotated cage near pole.
  • Fixed glitches on the right side of the map. Getting up to the tree or the wall next to the cage in the middle of the map is not considered a glitch.

Update 03.04.2021:

  • Rotated cage near pole (again)
  • Created a new back position below the top position
  • Raised Ramp with wooden borders next to the cage

Update 13.04.2021:

  • Added a white border to the cage for easier moving around
  • Added a pillar in the back below the top position
  • Moved the pole back a bit to be closer to the defenders
  • Moved the block in front of the cage more to the middel (closer to where the pole was before)
 Embedded objects10 Objects
Object IX? Object author
CastleBorderRuinStraighLowered.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleBorderRuinStraightGroundNoGrass.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallCornerWoodOpen.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallSlopeStraightWoodOneSided1.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallStraightWoodOneSided.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
CastleWallTShapedWoodOpen2.Block.Gbx cartoonlink
PillarBottomPlatformConnector.Item.Gbx cartoonlink
ShortHalfArchWilderness.Item.Gbx cartoonlink
2(50x100).Item.gbx Aurel
1(25x100).Item.gbx Aurel
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