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 Royal - HeartBreaker [Revamped]

by  eFFecT 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Beginner 
ID  24036 
 2018-08-18 00:10:49
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 Author Comments
A complete overhaul of the Royal classic with balance for 32 players in mind.

Update 3
Lowered the walls to improve jumppads at the back spawns.

Update 2
  • Moved laser pads to a better location
  • Added more cover to back spawn healing pads (different fence setup)
  • Removed camping spot on middle line healing pads

    Update 1
  • Replaced some stair blocks with item stairs for better movement
  • Added healing pad below each middle lane arch
  • Added rescue path if player falls into water
  • Fixed glitching at the back top spawns
  • Nerfed laser pad by reducing visibility around and near the visible healing pads
  • Cleaned up some blockmixed holes to reduce coppers
  •  Embedded objects7 Objects
    Object IX? Object author
    100x25.Item.gbx Aurel
    100x100.Item.gbx Aurel
    Stair100.Item.gbx Aurel
    Stair50.Item.gbx Aurel
    Stair100.Item.gbx Aurel
    1(25x100).Item.gbx Aurel
    SMRoofFence.Item.Gbx killerboye
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