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 Where it all started - part 1

by  eFFecT 
 Storm / StormMan   |   Beginner 
ID  22749 
 09 August 2017 13:34:15
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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 Author Comments
A pure beginner map.
Tutorial for basic movement, sprinting and walljumping.

Finally the release can happen after going through many iterations =)

Thanks to...
  •   eyebo and his people to give feedback from a noob perspective!
  •   AurelSM for making the GPS indicator pole + EASY/HARD item-words for the map! <3
  • Everyone else that helped me with trying out the test versions, including Melheck, Smokegun, Bluescr33n (to name a few)

Version History
  • Test version 1: first row (5 cps) done + partly second row
  • Test version 2: switched 2 cps in first row around + second row done + third row partly
  • Test version 3: small changes to second row + third row done
  • Test version 4: small changes to second and third row + decoration + instruction signs + intro
  • Test version 5: small changes to last cp (goal) = balancing left/right path
  • Test version 6: small changes to second and third row cps + added 5 GPS' + added 1 extra instruction sign + nice sky
  • Test version 7: small changes to goal checkpoint + reduced GPS hitbox
  • Test version 8: small changes to CP10 + added GPS to CP8 + switched GPS/TV sides (against bloom-sun effect)
 Embedded objects5 Objects
Object IX? Object author
InvisibleSpawn.Item.gbx TGYoshi
StairsD.Item.gbx TitiShu
EASY.Item.gbx Aurel
GPSPillar.Item.gbx Aurel
HARD.Item.gbx Aurel
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