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TM Interview Project in tm.MX
TM Interview Project in tm.MX
TM Interview Project in tm.MX14 Oct, 2012
  wormi (1 comments, 2224 views)
Hey Shootmania Players and old Trackmania mates! :d

I advert a bit my interview project that I have published in's blogs section. The project is about interviewing very different kind of players of Trackmania series: some ofthem are pro league starts, some play with the mediatracker, some build maps and some just play for fun. So far I have made ten interviews.

Nowadays I am doing my military service, and the project goes forward very slowly. However, today, after a break of about 4 months, I have published a new part! :)

So, if you are interested to know about old, new, short, tall, fat and slim Trackmaniacs, go to check some of the interviews ;)

To see the newest one, click here! You can see more at the left side of the site =p
1 comment(s).
  sleepw_lker writes ... 30, Oct, 2012 
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