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Mania Exchange Information
Name : Elite - Trespass
Author :   viperbird
Version : Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Uploaded : Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Map ID : 5891 
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Map Details
Game : ShootMania
TitlePack : SMStormElite Mod : (none)
Map Type : EliteArena Style : Team
Environment : Storm Diff. : Expert
Disp. Cost : 7372 Mood : Sunrise
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 Author Comments
5-29 | v2 - Completely changed attacker spawn and entry. Raised pole side of the map up higher. Choked off the map a lot to make it less open feeling, improved flow overall of the map. Moved defender spawn. Changed a lot of defender positions to allow better play and rotations. 7-16 Added better lighting and decoration.
5-27 | v1 - Map Created
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